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To Learn More

Information about Dyslexia and Reading:

International Dyslexia Association, Upper Midwest Branch

International Dyslexia Association

Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity

Dyslexic Advantage

Literate Nation

South Dakota Testing and Support Resources:

Testing for Dyslexia:  Sioux Falls USD Scottish Rite Children’s Clinic

The clinic serves all children in the Sioux Falls area from birth to age 21 who have speech and language disorders. Children will be considered for services without regard to family income or geographic boundaries.  At the center, complete speech and language evaluations are offered. Evaluation results determine the need for a short or long term treatment program, which may also be offered at the clinic.

Resources for families:  South Dakota Parent Connection

Free resources for families of children with disabilities or special health needs. Provides information, including individual assistance and workshops. Connects families to programs at the state and national level. Helps parents and schools navigate the special education process.

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