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About Dyslexia

The word <dyslexia> originated from Greek <dys> meaning difficulty and <lexis> meaning words. So <dyslexia> has the sense of having difficulty with words.

Most people with dyslexia are intelligent and creative and are wonderful thinkers and learners. However, they often struggle with reading and are very poor spellers. Why is that?

Entire books have been written on that subject, and there are wonderful websites where you can learn more about dyslexia, but in a nutshell, people with dyslexia process language in a way that makes it very difficult for them to learn to read, spell and write.

But we also need to remember that for most people, learning written language is not easy; it’s not a natural process.

The good news is that we know how to teach all children effectively. We need to start by explicitly and systematically teaching children how the writing system works.  For students with dyslexia, multi-sensory learning is also a critical component of effective instruction.

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